Episode 30: Season Finale: Jamie’s “Chopped” Experience (the Highs, the Lows and Everything In Between)

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

It’s the season finale of Katzenjammer, and in this special episode Jamie is sharing the behind-the-scenes of his 2013 appearance on the popular TV show Chopped!

Although he didn’t end up winning, it was an amazing experience that Jamie still treasures to this day. In this episode he reveals what surprised him most about being a contestant on the show, and one thing he would go back and change in his set up if he were to do it again.

Jamie shares what it was like to hear that he had prepared the “best piece of fish” ever on Chopped according to the judges, the moment he knew that he ultimately wasn’t going to be named the winner, and whether or not he would do it again if the producers reached out to him about a reunion show!

The last year has been a journey with its share of challenges, and Jamie and Leo wouldn’t have been able to keep going without the support of everyone through the last year. From the bottom of their hearts,...

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Episode 29: Part 4: Choosing Wine and Food Pairings at the James Beard House (and Our Best Tips for Your Kitchen)!

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

It’s the finale of the mini-series on the James Beard House, and today Jamie and Leo are looking at the subject of wine and food pairings. Not only is Jamie sharing more about his experiences with the food and wine served during the dinner that he put on at the James Beard House, but they both share how to choose a wine based on the origin of the food. You’ll also hear how they each discovered their own favorite wines, and a lot more!

If you’ve even been confused about what wine you should be serving with dinner at home, then you’re going to want to hear the tips and strategies the guys share in this episode!

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Episode 28: Part 3: Selecting the Right Food to Serve (and Getting Your Crew in Place) at James Beard House

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

In this episode the James Beard House saga continues, as Jamie shares with Leo and listeners more about his experience putting on a dinner in this historic setting. Today in Part 3 Jamie describes the dishes he chose to make that day, and why he selected the food he did for this event.

To put on something like this it takes more than one person, and you’ll hear how he put together a crew and they overcame some challenges to thrive in what was a spectacular (but stressful!) experience for all involved.

You’re not going to want to miss the finale of this mini-series next week, where the guys share their tips and strategies for wine pairings, some basic rules they live by in the kitchen, and so much more!

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Episode 27: Part 2: What It Looks Like to Set Up a Dinner at the James Beard House

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2021

In last week’s episode Leo and Chef Jamie gave a quick background on James Beard and the James Beard House, and they revealed how one can get invited there to prepare a meal for its guests. Jamie has done this twice now, so he’s got a first-hand perspective of what setting up a dinner at this prestigious place looks like, and he’ll be sharing these experiences today in Part 2 of this special series.

In this episode you’ll hear Jamie’s thought process on the big day, and a bit about the logistics that were required to pull it off (along with some important help he received from others). He also shares about an unexpected detour, how they got around it and why it’s so important to be super organized and plan for everything when setting up a dinner at the James Beard House.

Don’t forget to tune in next week as the guys will be talking about what Jamie actually cooked at the James Beard House. Leo has some more questions about this, and...

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Episode 26: Part 1: The Story of The James Beard House and How You Can be Invited or Nominated to Cook There

Jamie and Leo are coming to you today from the brand new il Giallo studio in Atlanta with the first part of a very special series! Today the guys are sharing the amazing story of James Beard and talking about the origins of the James Beard House, and its foundation that helps so many in the culinary world.

In fact, Jamie has cooked there (twice!) and in this episode he reveals how he got invited to take part in this incredible experience. In the next episode you’ll hear all the details about how he set up for this event, and in future weeks shows he discusses what he cooked while he was there, who helped him and even what he chose for wine pairings.

Like they say in their intro music for this podcast, Jamie and Leo are going to leave you hungry for more, so today’s episode is just Part 1 of a 4-part series on the James Beard House. Stay tuned for more!

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Episode 25: Making a Move? Here’s What Is Essential (and Will Make It Easy)!

Are you moving soon, or thinking of moving, and you’re wondering how to do it with the least amount of stress as possible? If you’re concerned about packing the right, and only the most essential items, then this episode is for you. In the middle of everything going on (including the very busy holidays), Jamie actually sold his home and moved into a new house, and he has his best tips and lessons from this experience to offer today! In this episode you’re going to hear how he did it, the “must haves” to bring along with you, hacks for setting up your new kitchen, and so much more. Near the end of the episode Leo provides exciting updates on the new newsletter, and you’re not going to want to miss what the guys will be doing next for subscribers - sign up today at https://www.theblockmembership.com/!

Have questions or topic suggestions for the podcast? Email Leonardo at [email protected].

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Episode 24: Starting off a New Year

It’s a new year, and today we have the first podcast episode of 2021 for you! In this episode, Jamie and Leo are here to promise you one thing. This isn’t going to be about agonizing over the past year, but rather to talk about how change is in the air and why they’re both super excited for what’s to come (you’ll hear why you should be too)!

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Episode 23: "That is so 2020"

Life in the restaurant world has not been easy this year! Especially restaurants in the big cities as there have been a lot of restrictions. Some restaurants haven’t even been able to offer outdoor dining! Jamie and Leo describe their restaurant changes with the pandemic as very creative and sometimes just guessing what they think will work next. There are also lots of regulations for restaurants such a sanitizing after every job, working a set amount of time with knives before washing them and cleaning and sanitizing cutting boards often!

Although the year has had its challenges, Jamie and Leo are hopeful and thinking about what’s to come! They are ready to celebrate the New Year and help everyone feel good. They recommend a good bubbly, remember how good you really have it, and that hope is coming in 2021! They can’t wait to look back and say…”That was soo 2020”. Aren’t we all.

Happy New Year from the Katzenjammer duo!

As mentioned in...

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Episode 22: Stress Free Holiday Cooking

Have you ever seen the Christmas movie, The Santa Claus with Tim Allen? Did you know Jamie has hung out with Tim Allen...what?! (take a listen for that fun story) Well Leo watched the movie recently chuckling over the part where the character in the movie burns the turkey and has to go to Denny’s for dinner instead. Jamie and Leo don’t want you to burn turkeys and get stressed over your holiday cooking. In this episode, they give you some tips on how to prep such as planning your menu, making a grocery list with your menu, prep some veggies and most importantly, just keep it simple! 


Best of luck in your holiday cooking! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends this week!


(DIY) The Heart and Soul of Christmas Masterclass

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Episode 21: Scallopini

Have you ever had or heard of a Scallopini dish? In this episode, you will get the history of the scallopini, different ways they are made and, as always, favorite memories and stories around cooking and eating unique dishes such as the scallopini. If you haven’t tried this dish yet, Jamie and Leo highly recommend it!


We DO most of the Work (Takeout for Locals)

(DIY) The Heart and Soul of Christmas Masterclass

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