Episode 30: Season Finale: Jamie’s “Chopped” Experience (the Highs, the Lows and Everything In Between)

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

It’s the season finale of Katzenjammer, and in this special episode Jamie is sharing the behind-the-scenes of his 2013 appearance on the popular TV show Chopped!

Although he didn’t end up winning, it was an amazing experience that Jamie still treasures to this day. In this episode he reveals what surprised him most about being a contestant on the show, and one thing he would go back and change in his set up if he were to do it again.

Jamie shares what it was like to hear that he had prepared the “best piece of fish” ever on Chopped according to the judges, the moment he knew that he ultimately wasn’t going to be named the winner, and whether or not he would do it again if the producers reached out to him about a reunion show!

The last year has been a journey with its share of challenges, and Jamie and Leo wouldn’t have been able to keep going without the support of everyone through the last year. From the bottom of their hearts, they wish to give a big THANK YOU and are excited to see you back again when Katzenjammer returns!


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