Episode 27: Part 2: What It Looks Like to Set Up a Dinner at the James Beard House

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2021

In last week’s episode Leo and Chef Jamie gave a quick background on James Beard and the James Beard House, and they revealed how one can get invited there to prepare a meal for its guests. Jamie has done this twice now, so he’s got a first-hand perspective of what setting up a dinner at this prestigious place looks like, and he’ll be sharing these experiences today in Part 2 of this special series.

In this episode you’ll hear Jamie’s thought process on the big day, and a bit about the logistics that were required to pull it off (along with some important help he received from others). He also shares about an unexpected detour, how they got around it and why it’s so important to be super organized and plan for everything when setting up a dinner at the James Beard House.

Don’t forget to tune in next week as the guys will be talking about what Jamie actually cooked at the James Beard House. Leo has some more questions about this, and I’m sure you do too!


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