Episode 23: "That is so 2020"

Life in the restaurant world has not been easy this year! Especially restaurants in the big cities as there have been a lot of restrictions. Some restaurants haven’t even been able to offer outdoor dining! Jamie and Leo describe their restaurant changes with the pandemic as very creative and sometimes just guessing what they think will work next. There are also lots of regulations for restaurants such a sanitizing after every job, working a set amount of time with knives before washing them and cleaning and sanitizing cutting boards often!

Although the year has had its challenges, Jamie and Leo are hopeful and thinking about what’s to come! They are ready to celebrate the New Year and help everyone feel good. They recommend a good bubbly, remember how good you really have it, and that hope is coming in 2021! They can’t wait to look back and say…”That was soo 2020”. Aren’t we all.

Happy New Year from the Katzenjammer duo!

As mentioned in the episode, refer to previous episode 15-Life in the COVID lane. Link here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-15-life-in-the-covid-lane/id1528414190?i=1000497015877


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