Episode 26: Part 1: The Story of The James Beard House and How You Can be Invited or Nominated to Cook There

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Jamie and Leo are coming to you today from the brand new il Giallo studio in Atlanta with the first part of a very special series! Today the guys are sharing the amazing story of James Beard and talking about the origins of the James Beard House, and its foundation that helps so many in the culinary world.

In fact, Jamie has cooked there (twice!) and in this episode he reveals how he got invited to take part in this incredible experience. In the next episode you’ll hear all the details about how he set up for this event, and in future weeks shows he discusses what he cooked while he was there, who helped him and even what he chose for wine pairings.

Like they say in their intro music for this podcast, Jamie and Leo are going to leave you hungry for more, so today’s episode is just Part 1 of a 4-part series on the James Beard House. Stay tuned for more!

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