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Episode 13: Food is Life

Last week on the podcast, Jamie and Leo started talking about why food is their life and ended talked about the importance of giving and how food has played a huge role in how they serve their community. In this episode, they talk more about why food is life! They each tell stories about memories that involved food! Food was, and still is, a huge part of both their families and their lives. They said, “Food is family!”. 

They talk about how one of the greatest things about food is trying to capture an experience for a guest. Through their food, they want to transport you to a moment. With their restaurant, il Gallo, they are trying to take you to Italy and at Legarde they hope that you remember your experiences in New Orleans or maybe you want to go visit now because their food inspired you! Hopefully, this episode will take you down your own food memory lane. How has food been a part of your life? When you eat a certain dish, where does it take you? Who were you...

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Episode 12: Helping Others by Giving

Jamie and Leo both come from big families who love to cook! Jamie comes from a very giving family. He was taught to live life to its fullest, have joy and that giving was a part of the journey. The importance of giving has always been a part of him. Together, Leo and Jamie have been giving in their own way by providing food for those who are in need. They’ve recognized the needs during the COVID pandemic and have been trying their best to help in the way that they know best which is with food! They said, “We make food, we give it away!” Enjoy this episode as they exit the restaurant talk for a minute and talk about a topic this is important not only now, but always and that's the importance of giving.


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Episode 11: Music, Music and Talents

You might think that music has nothing to do with the restaurant business, but that is far from the truth!

In fact, the intro and outro music for the podcast was written and played by Leonoardo’s 11 year old son, Alexandar, and Jamie Adams slaying it on the guitar solo. Special thanks to Greg Hannonn who helped produce it.

Music in the restaurant business is important because it creates the ambience of the restaurant and experience. If the guests are singing along, then they know they are doing their job right with picking the right music to fit the mood of the restaurant. Music and cooking are a lot alike because you can’t cut corners and you have to practice a lot to perfect the art. In this episode, enjoy Leo and Jamie talking about Jamie’s music background, how they incorporate music into their restaurants, and their appreciation for music!

Send them a video of you playing! If you are in Atlanta, they would love to get some live music at Lagarde! Email...

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