Episode 15: Life in the COVID Lane

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Although many restaurants have suffered this year due to COVID, many restaurant owners and businesses have learned to pivot and adjust to make take out work and slowly get people back into the restaurants. In this episode, Jamie and Leo talk about the hard parts of owning a restaurant during the pandemic, but also talk about how they pivoted to make business still happen! 

At first they had to create a system and make take out work which kept things afloat until they could open up dine in again. Now with people able to come dine in, they are taking all the precautions such as wearing masks and taking guest’s temperature. They’ve had to create new systems to keep dine in and take out going. It hasn’t been easy. They’ve even changed the menu 7-8 times since May! But they’ve pivoted. They thought outside the box and they kept their restaurant alive during a very difficult time. Take a listen to hear more about how they make it work and some fun things that are coming! 

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