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Episode 8: Food & Service Part 2

In this PART 2 episode about Food and Service, Jamie and Leo focus on the food expectations and procedures in their kitchen.

They talk about the small window fresh fish has to taste as close to fresh as possible after being portioned and cut.

They discuss the main line cook stations that make it possible to get the food put together in a timely and efficient manner. The importance of the expediter, who lets the cooks know when it’s time to put the plate together with food and serve a table. This role of the expediter plays a crucial part to get the food out to the guests at the right time.

Jamie discusses the special orders guests give and how they do their best to find the best alternatives and make modifications for guests.

In this two part series about food and service, Jamie and Leo shared a lot about how the food procedures and the service of guests go hand in hand in having success at a restaurant.

Check out part 1 where they talk more about the importance of service.

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