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Episode 7: Food & Service Part 1

“The guest may not always be right, but they’re always our guest”

In this Part 1 of 2 episodes about Food and Services, Jamie and Leo focus on talking about the service in their restaurants and why it is so important.

They talk a lot about how the front of the house and the back have to be in sync. The control of the door, and reservations, set the pace for the kitchen. All restaurant employees have to work together to make the night memorable for the guests and that they will want to come back for more.

They also discuss how important it is for them to listen and observe their guests.

Leo says, “If you stop and observe their first bite, it can tell you everything!” They also wanted to remind people, that as restaurant owners and their employees, they are human too.

They will make mistakes and they will go above and beyond to make up for it. The most important part of their service is that the guests have a great time, enjoy their experience and are happy wanting to come back again. 

In Part 2 of the Food and Service series, Jamie and Leo talk more about the food and how food and service go hand in hand to create a successful dining experience. 

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Visit them at their Restaurants in Atlanta:

il Giallo Osteria & Bar

Lagarde American Eatery


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